When Aviation Recruiting came to us with the desire to improve their website's search engine rankings, we were more than happy to provide SEO and web analytics services. But only so much can be done to a site without solid code as a foundation. Creating clean, semantic code should be considered in any search engine optimization campaign. So we worked together to build a modern, visually appealing and user-friendly site from the ground up. Utilizing the latest in cross-browser XHTML and CSS, we provided the client a clean, updated and effective web presence. Aviation Recruiting features hundreds of jobs and attracts visitors from around the world. To allow the client to easily update content, Pippin Design utilized a state-of-the-art CMS -- or Content Management System -- to allow the client to easily access, edit and manage all content. With the CMS in place, content is pulled dynamically, vastly improving the web experience for both the client and end user. Explore Aviation Recruiting's new website, as well as our entire portfolio of web development work.